Competition on the Roads


Sorry, but most of the pictures I could not paste and even those,  I could not shift to where I wanted them. The one above is with me checking out our VW van that would not run, happened in Rio when some crook plugged the gas line. The guy came to offer his help and of course to get paid but I understood the hanky-panky involved and quickly made the right connection, then drove off.

The next picture is of Vernon in Neves–if I have it correct. Sorry again but WordPress is not up to par. No danger on that road.

“The only real risk is the risk of thinking too small.” Frances Moore Lappe

During travel in São Paulo one day I noticed two motorcycles lying in the middle of four-lane traffic with the cyclists apparently unconscious. What a sad scene! So many of these bikers make a living by delivering parcels and mail around this city of some 23 million. Traffic is heavy and these bikes speed in between cars even when there is little space. Accidents do happen–too often.

Of course Vernon was safe on his trike while we lived in Neves for half the traffic was made up of horses and carts.


Seldom do we see a horse and cart competing with cars for a bit of the road in the big cities—though of course the law lets it happen. Any chap with the reins in his hands needs to be given a hurrah for his courage—not so much for his wisdom.

This VW bug saw its last day trying to manoeuvre and compete in the traffic. We saw it after we had distributed food survival items to the folks that came to the church planting project from a favela. Those who lived there—os favelados—wanted us to come to their homes to pray with and for them. And it was behind this poor home that this VW sat, so very forlorn.

There are so many cars on the streets of São Paulo city that the law is that one day vehicles with an odd numbered plates may use the roads. The next day the even numbers get the right to pull out from their parking spots. Police are often at an intersection getting the plate number of those with infractions. I know one couple who bought an extra car just to get a different plate number. They each had to have a vehicle ever day for work.

It is not that the engineers have not tried to keep building roads but the population grows so quickly. To see what they have done—that was back before we went to Brazil in 1955—they built a highway through the mountains from São Paulo down to the port city of Santos. One tunnel on that road is 3416 meters long, another is 2083 meters and another yet a little shorter.

Now the words of Jesus come to mind, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except by me.” The way to God is through Jesus and scripture in other places explains that this is so because Jesus paid the price for our sin on the cross. A person may be afraid of this “narrow way” that Jesus mentions. But remember also his wonderful promise for he says, “Come unto me all ye that are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest. The way, or we call it the roadway, is so much easier than we might ever have imagined.



1 thought on “Competition on the Roads

  1. krmcrashyahoocom

    Hi Roy,  I have heard of some mechanics in our area have done the samecrooked things.  Fix the problem, then do some little thing, just soyou’ll bring it back, for more money.  Only the person was smart.and fixed that problem himself.  He also turned the shop into theBetter Business Bureau.  They got closed down, having had so many complaints. Take care, Hi to Doris. Shirley



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