Magic in Brazilian Flowers and Trees

“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handywork…There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard.” Psalm 19:1,3 KJV

Nature is so delightful in Brazil since all the trees and flowers are radically different from here in Canada. We will only try to cover a fraction of what you as a tour member might see in the São Paulo area. We won’t try to touch on Brazil’s exotic animals.

The gourds, cabaças, are especially useful. This type pictured has such a hard shell that it is cut and shaped to provide utensils for the kitchen and home. A great friend, Luiz Roberto da Silva is checking out these though there are others that are made into pretty doll’s heads and other pieces of art. Check it out on the internet.

Shortly after arriving in Brazil I marvelled at the fallen flowers covering a sidewalk that were from a number of trees. They were the kapok trees and after those flowers came a large pod full of a soft fluffy substance. For years it was used in life jackets till synthetic materials took over.

Poinsettias are familiar to us for we buy them for Christmas decorations. In Canada the growing is refined to create small plants that do well in pots. I recall the poinsettias all along the roadway to our rural seminary where the caretaker had broken off poinsettia branches and stuck them in the ground. Note the flowers on this bush in front of our home at a later time, with Monica and Naomi Lindsay.



Then of course I cannot forget the orchids in their wild variety and beauty. Maria and Alzenir took me to their backyard to show me their beauties that had been just slips tied to the trunk of a small tree. And I’ve also seen lovely orchids cultivated in the yard of the poorest of homes in the interior.

And the bougainvillea bush showed itself so often as it covered the walls in front of many homes—that included the favelas for it grew so easily and was so pretty.


I could go on and on with pictures of flowers of which I do not even remember names. Here are a few. However the beauty of Brazil and any land are the people who live there—especially the children.

Indeed the heavens and the firmament show God’s creative handiwork but it is the people of Brazil and our work among the children that have an eternal value. You see, God made us with a complexity and beauty beyond any flower, for he wanted and still wants us to dwell with him forever. St. John the apostle wrote down the words of Jesus so that “we might know that we have eternal life.” This is a beauty for all eternity.

The flowers, the trees and each one of us pass on to begin another journey. We invite you to continue yours with Jesus as Lord and Saviour.


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