A Special Plane Flight

“May you never miss a rainbow or a sunset because you are looking down.” Anon

There are times when I am amazed at the beauty and majesty that I encounter in this world. It is at those moments I begin to imagine a sly creator peeping out from behind some distant galaxy where He himself marvels at the work of his own eternal hands. I wish to tell you about one of those special times for me; it was on a direct flight to Toronto and it happened over North America.

Ready for takeoff–the beginning of a transforming flight.


From my window seat on left side of the plane I watched the sun slowly set. Imagine the plane heading in a Westerly direction almost purposefully following that summer sun. Or was it that the sun moved more slowly for it wanted to bathe the plane, my plane with its glow. Then we left the clear sunshine to be enveloped with a fine haze that formed a part of the clouds beneath us. The result was an extravagant beauty I had never seen before and no doubt will ever see again.

The plane was plowing through a changing storm of pinks, lavender, reds, yellows and white all manufactured by the sun and the clouds. At times, it all turned to grey but in an instant returned. Then the magic grew, yes grew, for the haze of colours enveloped the whole plane so the atmosphere in which we flew became something that human imagination cannot put on paper. For hours I watched as if I had been let into another world through a strange portal. It seemed as if the Creator from far away had unlocked a door using some key from eternity  so that I might wonder at this other-worldly screen.

As I watching the kaleidoscope of colours my thoughts went back to the Creator who before the Big Bang planned the beauty I saw. I wrote about that experience as the plane came down through the clouds to land at Toronto. “…what I saw was just one infinissimal speck of beauty on this earth…I contemplated eternity and the exceeding, surpassing beauty of heaven…” For me it was a small peephole into a realm beyond this world.


During those few hours, “I understood more of God and I understood more than I liked about myself.” As I look back on that experience I suppose every wise and tender soul in contemplation of the wonders around us in this world may cry out for heaven’s help. They might wish to mend failures and perhaps even find a cure for despair.

You may be wondering as you have read this blog why I needed to become all stirred up with contemplation just by watching the coloured mists pass by my plane. Why become all teary-eyed when travelling back from a third-world country when the emotion might better erupt because of the poverty and needs of people I had recently seen? My answer this this—why can’t we be stirred by both experiences? My answer, “Yes we can.” But I’m sorry I can’t include another picture of our friends in Brazil. At the moment WordPress says NO.

I suppose that if our eyes are open and our hearts are in tune we can then see what so many may easily miss…a marvelous world and a marvelous Creator. Then we can add the words of a great Christian song, “A wonderful Saviour is Jesus my Lord, He taketh my burdens away…”



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