Taking a Chance on Inspiration


“If you want to change the world, fire up your faith.” Anon

They wanted to change the world in which they lived; they wanted to make it a better place. Since they had seen the influence of the Gospel through churches in Brazil, planting a church became their hope. But there was no reason to imagine that a church could be built or flourish in this section of Santo André in São Paulo. Yet it happened when a professor at a university and a lady who lived in a slum, along with a few others saw the need with faith. Professor Josué became the pastor ministering in a rented hall.

A missionary friend in Brazil encouraged us to put our energy and money into helping them put up a building. Dna. Francisca threw her energies into helping by ministering to the children in the slum at the foot of the land this small congregation had purchased. In this picture Dna. Francisca hugs the pastor’s wife in the favela where Dna Francisca ministers to children. Her dress tells the story of her faith. It reads, “Jesus, eu te adoro.” You can pretty well guess what it says, “Jesus, I adore you.” Can you imagine the message the dress declared? And can you imagine the reaction to a similar dress in Canada?


Dna Francisca hugs Sra Rute, pastor Josué’s wife

The city of São Paulo is built on hills and the land the congregation was typical—but worse there were some old cement block buildings that needed to be torn down. That is where our VISA (volunteers) came into the picture. Our modest help sparked the inspiration that it could happen. The folks there brought their families and friends and the work began with picks and shovels.  100_2568

The lot purchased on this hillside had buildings to be demolished with one falling into the ravine and stream at the lower end.

Doris and I were so inspired by their enthusiasm for the work that we too sacrificed to help, but notwith pick and shovel. We were invited to be the dedication speaker when the lovely church was finished.


Once in a while a bit of faith will spark inspiration all round. And then wonderful things happen. Is that kind of a project worthwhile? Absolutely! A few years ago O CRUZEIRO, a national magazine featured the evangelical protestant movement and the huge positive influence it is having in Brazil. Wow!                100_0248

Here pastor Josué and I rejoice at the huge work that was accomplished. Now they have a fine church sanctuary. Sorry I could not find a picture of it.


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