Delivered from the Spirit(s)

“The trouble with some self-made people is that they worship their creator.” Anon

The picture below tells the story of Macumba Spiritism in Brazil. This is an offering to the spirits with dishes of food, a bottle of cheap rum, a cigar with matches and a black chicken wing and foot. Offerings to the spirits may include a whole chicken or just part, but it must be black. And wax on the ground shows a candle had burned into nothing.

My beautiful picture


Such offerings were generally made at the intersection of roads. The roots of this type of Spiritism go back to Africa but if we know much about Spiritism in Canada, it is the Allen Kardek type where mediums are involved in séances. With the decline of the Christian faith in the Western World there is renewed interesting in contacting the spirits. However this blog is about a family delivered from the presence of a spirit or spirits.

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We first met this family when we were attempting to plant a church in the small town of Poloni in the interior of the state of São Paulo. Among the number of curious people who filled the hall, one family opened their hearts to Jesus as Lord. I am sure this family wished to be free of the presence of a spirit or spirits in their home for during a number of years eerie things happened: furniture would move and voices heard. This family hired an exorcist to come and cast out the spirit but the response from the spirit came in a written form, “I’m not leaving. This is my home.”

My observation is that such things generally happened only to those who dabbled in one kind or another of Spiritism. The appeal of Spiritism is that the spirits can bring healing and resolve other conflicts. My mechanic in the interior urged me to attend such a séance for he proclaimed his own father had been healed of a serious illness. Such things may happen but they are the bait on the hook leading to bondage to negative influences—a spirit world that leads away from the teachings of Christ.

Now back to Poloni. When this family opened their hearts to the Good News of the power of Jesus, then all the strange happenings in the home ceased.

Our interest in planting a church in Poloni was sparked by the discovery that no evangelical church existed there. Since we felt that the Gospel of Jesus needed to be preached there, we renewed contact with a Presbyterian friend who had a small plane. This pilot friend took me and another couple of people along on a flight in which we threw out thousands of leaflet inviting everyone in Poloni to attend the services in a rented hall. (Excuse the colour of the picture for it is almost 60 years old.) That first night the hall was crowded and people stood in the street trying to get a glimpse of what was happening.

My beautiful picture


But interest in this new church evaporated partly because we did not have time to give it our full attention. The project  finally closed up but this family we have mentioned never gave up their faith in their Saviour. The freedom from the molesting presence of a spirit no doubt made a big difference in encouraging their faith in Jesus.



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