Believing In Angels–4th on topic

“When all the traffic is coming against you, you may well be in the wrong lane.” Anon

Science explains reality by stating something we all understand and experience– that there are three dimensions: height, width and depth. Some may add “time” as another. Yet scientists, speculate with complicated mathematics that there may be up to nine dimensions. That opens the door for us to think about a spiritual dimension that surrounds the material universe. It is a universe not accepted by those who believe only in science. As for me, I believe in science and this spiritual dimension that includes angels touching our lives.

This dimension contacts our world in strange and wonderful ways. Some think of those strange happenings as luck or happenstance. All of us at one time or another experience strange occurrences. But luck just does not cut it as an answer.

There comes to my mind is an accident that happened to me a year or two before I got my Driver’s Licence. That means I was thirteen or fourteen for my permit was issued when I was fifteen. I got it because I was a farm boy. It happened one summer day when the neighbours were together at a farm threshing grain. The big threshing machine was set up and the tractors and horses were hauling in the grain that had been stooked in the fields. For some reason another tractor was needed and dad sent me home to bring our 8N Ford to where they were working. I took a shortcut across the fields to our home.

To get back to the neighbour’s place, I drove the tractor on a gravel road. Along the way I crossed a narrow bridge with a creek that only ran in the spring. Then I met a car where the road was not only narrow but with a deep ditch on either side. I was afraid of getting too close to the car that had not stopped. In doing so I drove onto the gravel shoulder. It gave way. The tractor rolled into the ditch and landed on its side. Instead of being crushed by the tractor it threw me off when it rolled. I was little hurt except to my pride. But the tractor had to have repairs.

The accident could have been serious. I recall the time and place where an older brother was killed in a tractor accident. I’ve wondered why the same thing never happened to me.

The more I think about angels being involved in my life, another strange story comes to mind. This happened on a farm on Sunbury Road where dad and mother lived with the two youngest of us children. It was late spring and I my sister Alma and I were exploring some of the farm that extended back to Dog Lake. There were a number of soft maple trees along the fence row that was next to the farm trail used by the horses and farm machinery. I knew about maple trees providing syrup and when I discovered a tree with a slick line of sap running down its trunk I tasted it. I found it sweet.

That was when the trouble began for I was curious as to where the sap was coming from on the tree. Normally a person would have to drill a hole in the tree and insert a spile to get the sap but not in this kind of maple. As the tree grew it had divided into two huge trunks forming a narrow V. I began to climb the tree and when I was some ten feet off the ground I stepped into the V. But I could not get my foot out. Worse, in my struggles I fell backwards and hung upside down by my foot. I was stuck.

Alma could do nothing to help so she ran to the house to get mother. She came quickly as possible over that distance but she could not dislodge my foot. She then ran back to the house and across the road to the neighbours, the Hitchcocks. Joe then came back with an axe and cut down half of the tree. That of course released my foot. I recall later dad saying that if he had been there he’d not have cut the tree but would have been able to yank my foot out. As I remember the pain of my twisted foot caught in the tree, I am sure Joe with his axe had by far the best solution.

For days my face was red from that experience though not from the embarrassment but from the blood embedded in my skin.

As I think back on these experiences and others I have no problem imagining a spiritual world beyond our material world. Angels touch our world in strange and wonderful ways. You may never experience hanging upside down from a tree but you too have had strange occurrences. Luck just does not cut it as an answer. I am sure that in the crises experiences of life, angels are often involved.

Why not tell me about some of your experiences that could point to the angels at work.


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