Why I Should Believe in Angels

“A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.” Anon

Bad situations come along and we suppose that luck is the reason we’ve escaped from them. It is not hard to manufacture all sorts of reasons why in the end a problem worked out quite well. We leave out any answers beyond the material world. But why do we leave out any spiritual dimension such as angels?  The reason is obvious for all through years of school and during our daily lives very few admit there is a spiritual world beyond the one in which we live day by day.

However, remember this. A few years ago the best scientists didn’t know anything about quarks, the Higgs boson or other similar particles. But of course those building blocks of matter did exist. Remember this: a few hundred years ago in Europe scientists refused to examine meteorites brought to them. They said that rocks did not fall from the sky. Similarly, now those who believe only in the material world cannot accept that a spiritual world might exist around us. For me that dimension includes angels

I cannot accept that luck and the material world has all the answers to the good events that got our family through tough corners. I’ve mentioned many of those in this blog–difficult situations when we had no answers. I’ve not gone further and mentioned why I thought those hard times worked out as well as they did. Some might call them miracles or perhaps God’s direct intervention. I’ve often thought of them as the ministry of His angels.

Here is a bit of that post that you might want to look up. In “Throwing Dice for One’s Life” I mention how Doris trusted me when we plopped down in Brazil. That was a country where then we had no friends. She gambled her life and future, adding to all that the gambling what would touch the life of our four month old daughter Monica. Remember, it is impossible to stay on a street corner in São Paulo as in any or the world’s other great cities.

When Doris and I went to Brazil we had no one to meet us, could not say “Good Day” in Portuguese, had no Brazilian money nor had any sure idea of the city where we were going. We were marching off the end of the world. Strange? Yes, but I remember this. The gambling instinct is part of the greatness of every human. What we did seemed so very normal to us back then for taking chances is part of man’s God-given nature. We went to Brazil as missionaries living by faith–some might call that foolish gambling.

What I believed really happened is that God had his angels working to keep us not only safe but get us ready for that first step to our work in Brazil. Here is what happened. When our prop plane took off from Porto Rico I think it was, after refueling, two other couples boarded with each having small children. They were Mennonite missionaries going to Brazil and when they found out our predicament they offered the help of one of their families in São Paulo. These folks helped us through customs, then explained that Campinas was a city too far away to take a taxi. They did get us a taxi and paid the fare. At the bus station they bought our tickets, escorted us over an hour away to Campinas and there arranged a modest hotel.

Not only will I ever respect and appreciate those Mennonite missionaries but when I think of the chance of them meeting us at that airport—it seems now an impossible situation. You see, they had missed the plane the day before. We all could say it was just chance. Perhaps, but what a wonderful chance—for us better than winning the 649 lottery. When incidents happen like that again and again and again, I can only say that God’s angels were there all that time. Not just all the time but working overtime. Wow.




2 thoughts on “Why I Should Believe in Angels

  1. Sandra Mistro

    Wow Oh my That is it There are miracles..there are angels …yes There is a living almighty God who never sleeps Thanks dear pastor Blessings Sandra 😊



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