The Serra do Roncador

Earl Jabay in “Search for Identity” writes, “It is not easy to face the fact that we have set up our lives in such a way that it has become necessary to hide much of it.”

The Serra do Roncador. This name translated means The Mountain Range of the Snorer. The story goes that those mountains snore, no doubt with certain winds. That has led many with strange beliefs in the spirit world to imagine supernatural visitations are occurring. In pictures I have seen of these mountains I note that some are flat-topped as if they were a sleeping giant. The Roncador attracts tourists to the area, especially those with beliefs in the activities of spirits; others believe these mountains bring UFOs to land there and they wish for a chance to see one themselves.

It is thought that a great portal exists in the Roncador that opens only when it is aligned with certain stars. Then a person is permitted entry to the center of the earth. This fits with the theory of a hollow earth and superior civilizations existing there that even have their own sun. And the Roncador is believed to be the spiritually ideal place for UFO landings.

Because of these beliefs about the Roncador the nearby city of Garças passed a law making some land near the mountain range protected as a “discoport,” a landing site for flying saucers. The mayor who pushed this protection of an airport for aliens was accused of being crazy but his was a smart move for it has added to the credibility of strange goings-on in the Snoring Mountains. With the strong Spiritualist traditions in Brazil, this has brought in more tourists with many of those being Brazilians. Catering to the tourists there are hot springs, a stature of the Christ as in Rio de Janeiro and many other natural attractions. In one picture taken from the Roncador, the vast valley area below no longer shows any jungle but only the cultivation of soy beans.

Those mountains are shrouded in mystery for another reason–a British explorer in 1925 named Percy Fawcet went to this area and with his son and a friend. None were ever seen again. Theories abound: he went on a search for the lost city of Atlantis or more likely the El Dourado—the city of gold. Fawcet was a Lt. Colonel in Britain and had years of experience travelling and exploring the jungles of South America. Much of his work had been with the Royal Geographic Society mapping jungle borders between countries and it is said he went well prepared into this adventure. So what might have happened?

There is no good answer for no trace has ever been found of Percy Fawcet though some 100 explorers have died trying to find some trace of him. It is more than probable that he died at the hands of one of the hostile Indian tribes in the area—perhaps the bellicose Chavantes. It may be he died of tropical diseases picked up in the jungle or by the wild animals of the area. Another theory is that he was seduced and died by the hand of erotic spirit sirens—you see some believe that a crystalline lake in the area has still to-day those beautiful but deadly sirens living in its depths.

I doubt that this post will encourage anyone to pack up and fly to Brazil to visit the Roncador in the state of Mato Grosso. Of course you might hear the mountains snore if you were there during the time of year when the climatic conditions were just right. However my Bible, especially the New Testament encourages us to stay away from myths and fables that veer us away from concentrating on the life-directing teachings of Jesus the Christ. I imagine the desire to plug into supernatural experiences is behind much of the thinking involved in the Serra do Roncador. My answer after three quarters of a century of doing what I can to follow Christ is that humankind has the ability to manufacture many strange kinds of spiritual experiences. Knowing the Christ as Saviour would not be one of them. If you have time for a coffee with me some day, I could explain what I mean when I speak of the Christ as Saviour.

Jesus said of himself, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”Following the truth that is in Jesus will keep us each so busy that there will be little time or interest in ethereal happenings either in Brazil or right here. St. John the Apostle advises us, “…do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see if they are from God.” That seems like good advice when it comes to the “Snoring Mountains” in Brazil.



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